Calling all Irish-Persians (aka Irish-Iranians)

Based on the genetic testing done on my daughter Jila and her extended family, it appears that the tricky part of her HLA typing comes from my dad Reza Pakroo who is Persian (aka Iranian; same diff), making Jila 1/4 Persian. Jila’s dad Turtle O’Toole is pretty much fully Irish. Ethnic/racial backgrounds make a big difference in finding a match, so if you are Irish-Persian or know any Irish-Persian folks, would you please consider doing a cheek swab test and joining the Be The Match bone marrow donor registry in the US, or an international registry?

Jila and Baba (her grandpa) Reza. Yes, this blondie is 1/4 Persian.

Jila and Baba (her grandpa) Reza, who is Persian. Believe it, this blondie is 1/4 Persian!


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