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2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Hey Peri,

    There is a mysterious Peri quality in Jila’s eyes. I’m writing to ask if you are allowed to receive food at the Ronald McDonald House. If yes, is there anything co-op-y that you would like for yourself? Do you eat stuff like carob-spirulina chunks? Or is there anything you’re craving that is sendable that you can’t get at the store. I wish I could send all kinds of nourishment, not just treats nourishment, for you and Jila and the rest of your clan.

    Please keep me posted. If it’s a YES! also send me an address.

    Sending healing energy and endurance,

    Lisa Silverman Hoffberg
    ZZ’s friend and your lunch friend once at Monty’s Blue Plate in Madison

    • Lisa! You sweet thing, you don’t need to remind me who you are! I think we can receive any kinds of packages, but you really don’t need to! I’m pretty sure my dad is going to come out again, possibly as early as tomorrow. And in the meantime my bro-in-law will keep us covered. HOWEVER if you do want to send something — even just a card, a drawing, a silly photo to make Jila laugh — I won’t stop you. The address is Jila Pakroo c/o Ronald McDonald House, 350 Erkenbrecher Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229. Thanks a million and it’s wonderful to hear from you! Send a pic of yourself!

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